| July/August 1997

'Picture #13road trip!!! This is my brother Terry's and my 81/2 x 10 Frick on our way to a local Veteran's Day Parade back in 1991. Our girlfriends went along on this trip. We had the engine's side tank and the tank on the homemade wagon filled with water and the rest of the wagon and the platform of the engine stacked full of wood. We left my dad's farm at about 8:00 a.m. Six miles and three hours, a full load of wood and all but 75 gallons of water later, we were at the parade lineup area. Once there we fueled up again, went through the parade and then headed home. The girlfriends weren't interested in accompanying us the whole way home this time. We got home just as the sun was setting, but the temperature outside was close to freezing already, so it was necessary to drain all external plumbing and maintain a fire all night. Thanks to my dad for keeping the fire and therefore allowing me and my brother to get back to the towns we lived in at that time.

'That trip home was a definite learning experience on firing with wood. That lesson was that you can't climb the steep hills if all you have is large (very) green chunks. Oh what we would have done for a pile of pine 2 x 4's!

'Yes, I am walking beside my truck, and yes, the engine is moving at this time. The picture was taken by my girlfriend's parents. This was the first time they saw my engine.

'The Baker, picture #14, was also at this same parade and was also driven there by Sam Kolva, the owner. Sam was 82 years old at that time. It was Sam who gave me some of my first experiences operating engines, most of which were roading from his place to the Gratz Tractor Show and back. One time when the tractor show was over, Terry and I drove his two Bakers (Sam's son owned one, also) home. Going up a fairly steep hill on the way home, I just had to get off and walk alongside so I could hear the full bark of those Bakers. Both of them were 23-90s and at least one was a Uniflow.

'Sam is one of the true old time steam men, having run engines for a living.

'If I had to come up with a caption for picture #15, I'd call it 'Finally Time To Play!' This was taken at one of Nittany Valley's shows. If I remember right, this was the Case Heritage show and the Nittany people wanted to run both a Case and Frick threshing outfit at the same time. We volunteered this Frick, of course. We ran into a little problem though. They only had one long belt. The short belt would have put our stack right beside the feeder on the thresher. To avoid this, we were, however, able to belt up to the thresher over the rear of the engine. This was one of Frick's advertising points. Terry and I have done it numerous times, from at our home sawmill out of necessity to sawing at Williams Grove to the aforementioned threshing. I wish I could have gotten a picture of this threshing scene, it was pretty neat looking!