| July/August 1997

'What I'm missing information on is the location of his 28 HP Minneapolis #8361; 8 HP Peerless #17741; unknown HP Huber number unknown; a (supposed) scale Case engine and a 36 x 56 Aultman-Taylor wing feed thresh machine. There was some talk that some of these engines could have been moved to Niobrara, Nebraska, or La Motte, Iowa. I suspect the A & T separator is the one that Harvey Gloege of Glenwood, Minnesota, owned, but I forget where he said he sold it, and he is dead now also.

'So, if any of you can help me out, trying to locate this equipment, I'd sure appreciate it. The more I find out about Uncle Joe, the more I'm impressed with his knowledge of this hobby. There are people still alive who remember him connected with the engines, but every year there gets to be less of them.

'To contact me, call collect (320) 762-2706 or (320) 763-7099, or write to the above address.'

We received some great old pictures sent to us by RONALD SEVART, 111 N. Cherokee, Girard, Kansas 66743:

His 30-60 Aultman-Taylor gas tractor might be the one owned by Ralph Hall of Atwater, Minnesota. This is an excellent machine receiving excellent care.

'#1 (previous page) shows J. C. Sevart, and the Saint Paul, Kansas, crew. Grandad Sevart is on the water tank. Great-grandad Sevart is standing by the front wheel of the separator others are unknown. The engine is a small Advance, HP and gear not known. The picture was probably taken in 1916 or earlier.