Farm Collector


I don’t know about the weather too much where you are, but
as for here it’s COLD! Fortunately, I love all kinds of weather
and so I can’t complain if I could just figure out a way to
wear my new electric blanket is skating I’d have it made! No
doubt as fast as the world of science is progressing though,
they’ll have that taken care of before too long.

I want to thank all you people who remember to put your code
number on your renewal subscriptions as that is a great help to me
here in the office. What really surprises me though is the number
of subscribers who still send their mail to Port Royal instead of
Enola I am afraid they don’t read our front page inside cover.
There isn’t any steam engines there but our address is and a
lot of ‘Steam Blow in’ Off’ anyhow.

Wish to send a cheery hello to Bun A. Boner of Butler, Ohio, who
not long ago was released from the hospital where he spent nearly 3
months and lost all the toes of his left foot which was injured in
a shop accident.

And to Wodford Grizzell of 113 South Grand Ave., Ft. Thomas,
Kentucky, we wish a speedy recovery, we understand he has been very
ill for quite a long time.

And to Big Mac McMillan of 564 West Broadway, Hoisington,
Kansas, we send our best wishes for him to soon be up and around
again. At last reports he was still ‘played up’ missed all
the Reunions this year and is looking forward to attending some
next year. Big Mac has phlebitis in his right leg which hampers his
getting around.

Many thanks to all the folks who sent us Christmas greetings and
Happy New Year wishes. It’s nice to feel so friendly to you
wonderful subscribers.

Seems like I should have more to talk about, but I just
don’t, but I’d like you to read this poem written by a good
friend of mines he also helps put the magazine together each time.
It has no title but seems to me, it would be all right, just to
call it ‘God’

On a beautiful morning like this, One gets the feeling that God,
Must be looking down from Heaven, And giving us all the nod, To go
out and enjoy his handiwork. To look up at the sky and see. What a
truly wonderful world this is That He made for you and me. What a
disappointment we must be to Him When we bicker and quarrel and
fight Yet He’s always willing to forget and forgive. If we
repent and see the light. Yes, God is truly a wonderful God A
wonderful God for all And He’s always there to answer our
prayers If only we will call.


  • Published on Mar 1, 1959
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