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Well Christmas Season is about over for another year – just hope
I can keep more of Christmas in my heart all year and not just at
the Holiday time. We had a wonderful Christmas -hope you did too,
although it was the first time in 23 years that Eddie wasn’t
here, it makes one a bit melancholy, but not too much, for we know
that he was very happy in his own little home with Kathi and their
new little daughter, Stacy Jo, who made her appearance on Dec. 2
and weighed in at 5 lb. 14 oz. We finally got up to see her on Jan.
2 when the weather held out for us and all commitments of eight
people managed to agree so that we all had one day off. The four
children, Dana’s boyfriend, Grandma, Father and I all made the
trip. And that is something to get a time to suit 8 people with all
the activities that the range of ages covers. This of course was
our Christmas with Eddie and Kathi and baby also, so we were
grateful we could make it as soon as we did. Now, I feel more like
a grandmother after seeing the little doll and holding her – my
that was a grand feeling! I don’t feel much different though,
except that I’m so happy we have another one to love in the
family. Our only regrets are that we are unable to see this part of
our family more often.

Have a letter from Gerard Wodarz, of Wyndmere, North Dakota
58081 and he writes: ‘Regarding the Green-castle engine
(Nov.-Dec. 1966. Volume 21, No. 2, page 3) there is in the
Jan.-Feb. 1959 issue, Volume 13, No. 3, page 28 an engine which is
not identified but looks much like a Greencastle. It has many of
the same features, including the ‘wash boiler’ steam
dome.’ So you fellows having these issues that far back are
able to look this up and confer with Mr. Wodarz regarding same if
you so desire.

Another letter from Glen E. Trester of Box 177, Edgewater,
Maryland 21037 writes: ‘Please refer to the picture of an old
boiler on Page 20 of Nov.-Dec. 1966 issue. The boiler has all the
earmarks of being a Roberts Patent Marine boiler – built by the
Roberts Safety Water tube Boiler Co., Red Bank, New Jersey. They
were fast steaming boilers and tough-but required clean water –
preferably distilled. Standard pipe and fittings were used
exclusively in the manufacture.’ We thank these folks for
writing us on these items and hope many of you become pen pals
through this medium.

And a letter from Frank L. Mc-Guffin, 3531 Tea Street N. W.,
Washington, D. C. 20007. Frank states: ‘A teller at the local
bank where I do business is a ‘VELIE’ nut who has 3 old
velies that he is restoring to original condition. His main trouble
seems to be getting information and parts, so if any of the Album
Readers have any information of any kind. I hope they will write
direct to Mr. Stanley W. Thomas, Route 2, Boonsboro, Maryland
21713.’ Any of you Album Family that can help Mr. Thomas – drop
him a line. Perhaps you will both get information.

Funny how one picture can stimulate a lot of interest – the
picture on Page 45 of Jan.-Feb. 67 Album of the rail fence is
drawing a great deal of attention – we’ve had several comments
on it – a letter from David E. McDonald of R. R. 1, Georgetown, Pa.
– tells of his knowledge of fences of this type (letter elsewhere
in this magazine). And different folks have just mentioned as they
wrote in for business that they enjoyed the article -I think it
pulled a lot of memories from the past. Lewis Cline has been
sending us quite a few write-ups for both magazines and we welcome

We also have a letter from Clayton Thompson of Route 1,
Pataskola, Ohio 43062 on the rail fences (letter elsewhere). While
these fences are certainly not directly connected with steam they
are part of the atmosphere of the years gone by and we feel the
steam fans are interested in this type of reading.

That about winds it up for this issue and in closing a few words
You are only a failure when you do less than your best. Friends are
made by the acts; they can be lost by one. The worst thing about
New Year’s resolutions is that they come in one year and go out
the other. Most of us are good for something, even if it’s a
poor example. Carrying your Bible will never take the place of
reading it.

  • Published on Mar 1, 1967
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