| March/April 1968

Well, it certainly is a Winter Wonderland around here right now - we've had several snows and not enough warm weather in between to melt any of it away. Thank goodness the weather held up pretty well over Christmas and the folks could get home.

Daughter Dana came from Virginia by herself the day before Christmas and was supposed to go back Thursday, but then due to a heavy snowfall she didn't have to go back until New Years Day which gave her a nice long visit with us. Her hubby won't be home till the middle of January so they are having their Christmas then. We all missed Bob but are glad he will be home before long.

We were fortunate in that Son No. 1 and wife and daughter got here for a few hours - we held off our Christmas dinner until the 26th when we knew they were coming - it was good to have them here again - it's been about four months and the baby has really grown in the times in between that we get to see her. She is walking and of course trying out her childish talk and is a joy to behold. By the evening of the 26th though Tommie and I were both pretty well under the weather with the flu and Donnie had a touch of it, so we really weren't very good company for the Holiday Season, but all in all it could have been a lot worse and we're thankful for the good things we did experience.

And so we are well into 1968 - and wondering what surprises are in store for each of us I guess it's good we don't know before hand although sometimes you feel like you'd like to take a peek, but I doubt if any of us would have the courage were we offered the chance.

I have a letter from Earl J. Schwartz of R. D. 1, Hellam, Pennsylvania 17406 and he heads it: 'JUST ANOTHER FAVOR, PLEASE? - I have a problem with a Case Steam Engine. One that is similar to Mr. Fisher's engine shown on Page 12 of the ALBUM Jan & Feb 1968. The pin that carries the intermediate drive gear is worn out of round and must come out to be turned down or repaired, one way or another. The thing I would like to know is How is that 'pin' fastened to the support bracket that is bolted to the engine? Do you have anything that would show how this pin is fastened to the bracket or who could I contact for further information? Thank You.'

Well, I'm sure I can't answer Earl, but I'm hoping some of you folks in Steam-land will be able to write him and help him with his problem - please write Earl at above address - hell be gald to hear from you.