| March/April 1972

Hi, Dear Friends! March-April issue you say why we hardly have the tinsel out of the way can it be the years are coming and going so fleetingly? Hope you didn't make too many resolutions that are by this time staring you in the face but forgotten. If we could all just resolve to be more Christ-like in the New Year and try to do the work that God has planned for each of us wouldn't that cover all the resolutions?

I, like most of you, have plenty of work laid out for me and if we step into it and do everything as God would have us do we're bound to have a good year. AND here goes: PAUL B. CURTIS, R. R. 3, Fredericktown, Ohio 43019 sends along this nice letter of appreciation and of interest to a fellow reader: 'This is just a note to convey my appreciation and a re-quest. First, the expression of thanks for the item in your column concerning my fire. It brought unexpected results and this brings us to the reason for the request.

Shortly after the item appeared in the ALBUM, I received a letter from R. F. Somerville of 12498 14th Ave. No. Haney, B. C. Canada that he was sending a complete set of ALBUMS for 1956 which arrived in due time. Since then, he has sent me a complete set for 1957 along with some articles and blueprint tracings of English engines and steam wagons all without cost to me.

In his letter he mentioned that he is very desirous of obtaining a catalog of a 1917-1920, 10-20 Titan tractor. I feel his generosity and also his quest for such a catalog be publicized.

With a prayer for all of Heaven's Blessings for you and yours and all the Staff at Stemgas'.

We get many nice letters like the above and we appreciate them, but can't reprint them all nor is that expected I'm sure but if you can help with information on the above it will be appreciated.