| March/April 1973

Brrrrrr! It's cold and beautiful out and if I get caught up enough in my work the next few days, I just might get out the ice skates and give them a whirl and later I might put them on and try skating. I surely wouldn't be a candidate for the Ice Follies, but I betcha maybe I could stay up for five minutes, and then a couple minutes more I got persistence. But even that long is fun, so I'm hoping the freeze will stay awhile.

And now onto a few other subjects of more enjoyment to you

HARRY E. YOUNG II, 485 S. Hillside Drive, Canfield, Ohio 44406 is interested in any information on the history of steam shovels. Anyone else with this line of interest Harry will be glad to hear from you.

From A. L. RENNEWANZ, 1025 4th Avenue N. No. 10, New Rockford, North Dakota 58356 comes this helpful and amusing note. 'The question you had concerning the picture on page 14 of Jan-Feb. issue the one on the right is a Case with rubber wheels. The one on the left is a Frick. The engine in the center with the E. B. nameplate stands for Emerson-Brantingham Co. This company built the Peerless engine at one time. I'm not sure of the years, but no doubt it was about the time of the great shuffles when you never knew who was on which side of the fence from one day to the next.

And I'm at a loss to prescribe a balm for the lashes laid on by censors of pictures with improper captions.' (That comes from me commenting sometimes that I'll take so many lashes whenever a caption is wrong under a picture).

From The Pioneer Engine Bugle newsletter of Jan-Feb. 1972 I'm borrowing the following as I'm sure you will enjoy it and thank our friends for sending along these newsletters.