| March/April 1976

Brrrrr! I don't know about you, but where we are it's pretty cold and I know many places are much colder than here - but what you do is get those catalogs with the beautiful fruits and vegetables brightly colored and make out a list - even if it's only a few spring flowers and before you know it -Spring will be here!

I'm certainly not about to preach a sermon, but I came across this little verse and maybe it will help you today - It's called PRAYER by Henry Van Dyke - Lord, the newness of this day Calls me to an untried way; Let me gladly take the road, Give me strength to bear my load, Thou my guide and helper be I will travel through with Thee.

And now I must get on with letters from our I.M.A. Family -From one of our members RALPH C. HUSSONG, Hancock Co. Shelter Care Home, Augusta, Illinois 62311 comes this writing:

I told you about two years ago by phone that I was done writing stories, but Mr. Chandler's article on page 3 of Jan.-Feb. issue so intrigued me, I will try again. The Reeves 32 as it was kept cleaned up and polished by its owner, would appeal to any engine lover.

However, it was not a Peacock engine, it was owned by a Mr. Danueser of Fulton, Missouri. The present owner might be located by contact with the former owner.

This nice reunion where it showed several years was the pet hobby of Ed Peacock personally.