| March/April 1978

Hi Friends! Well this may be the March-April issue which certainly will herald the Spring and even Easter is in March but right now it's still winter and everything of nature looks stark and dead yet we know that within those gray drab-looking branches already life is pulsating and the buds of many varied leaves and colored hues of flowers are just anticipating the day they burst forth in all their beauty for us to enjoy once again. Isn't it wonderful? We watch and wait and expect those things to happen and they will because God is the same yesterday, today and always and the older I get the more expectation I have for tomorrow what wondrous things might be in store? Have a Blessed Easter and may you walk with God each day!

And getting into the letters from our I.M.A. Family this one comes from CHRIS C. DIEHM, 1238 West 223 Street, Torrance, California 90502. 'I read and re-read Ed Freihammer's well written letter about using a 'Bucking Pole' in maneuvering a large thresher into or through tight places on page 13 of Jan.-Feb. 1978 I.M.A. Like Mr. Freihammer, I was too young to really work, but old enough to remember when I saw the Bucking Pole method used to back a 36 x 60 Case separator equipped with Wind Blower, stacker and twin or wing feeders, between a 'setting' of 4 round cone shaped grain stacks, the steamer was a 20-65 Case.

Referring to Mr. Campbell's letter on the same page suggesting a title for the first colored front page (July-August 1977 I.M.A.). I heard the same words or orders from my Dad more than once STAY AWAY FROM THAT BELT!

I want to wish the I.M.A. Family and all the readers of Iron-Men the best for 1978.' (Thanks Chris we stand with you with best wishes for all.)

REV. GEORGE I. GOODWIN, JR., Box A, Worcester, New York 12197 wrote me recently and I thought I'd share this with you: 'Thought you might like to see this stationary that my 16 year old son designed for me. Must get his talent from his mother. I can't even draw a check.' (Thought that remark was cute too never heard that one before.)


An informative letter comes from BASIL and MARY JONES, Holbrook, Pennsylvania 15341: 'We had been trail ring for 13 months through 20 states, entering Mexico several times. Like always it was good to get back. 'Back' to us means good of Antique Acres, Bob Rogers, his friends and associates. Mr. Rogers had re-opened his Bomar Water Gardens, and was moving his equipment back from Dillon, S.C. where he had had it for several years. As always the welcome sign was really in evidence, but in place of the traditional fatted calf, Bob brought in a bushel of South Carolina oysters which he proceeded to roast for the occasion of the return of the prodigals.