| March/April 1980

Greetings to each and every one out in Iron-Men Album Land--I bet I caught you at that engine--just oiling it up a bit or shining it here a dab---or replacing a part or touching it up with paint as you go eagerly through each day until the season evolves into one of those beautiful days when you look forward to a wonderful season again as Spring glides in and without too much time ushers you into Summer, which means Steam Shows--Hooray!

Do many of you have trouble sleeping? I think we all have had those nights--here's just a bit called WELL EARNED SLEEP-Make a rule, and pray God to help you to keep it, never, if possible, to lie down at night without being able to say, 'I have made one human being, at least, a little wiser, a little happier, or a little better this day.'--Charles Kingsley--think on it--in that paragraph is certainly a little something we are all capable of doing.

That made me think of something that happens every Christmas here in Harrisburg--am wondering if it is done in other parts of the United States. Christmas Day, many Jewish friends go into the hospitals and take over as many jobs as they can, so their Christian friends can be home with their families-- isn't that wonderful? I still say there is a lot of good in this world--it just is never published as much as the bad news.

This letter comes from JERRY MOORMAN, R.R. 6, Box 159, Greensburg, Indiana 47240: 'In regards to your unclassified photos, picture number 4 in the Nov.-Dec. issue is of the 1957 officers and members of the Pioneer Engineers Club taken at Rushville, Indiana.

Seated in the front row L-R: Bill Meister, Walter Hood, George Meister, Tony Hood, vice president Lawrence Porter, treasurer Anthony Moorman, president Ray Jones, and Everett Huber. The gentleman in the center of the picture with the suspenders and ribbon is Nelson Howard, our first president. The engines are Nelson Howard's 50 HP Case and Ray Jones's 12 HP Russell.'

WAYNE CONNELLEY, Box 237, Stanfield, Arizona 85272 would like to have any information on the PRIMM Engine Company of Marion, Ohio such as what happened to the company and records. Any one out there know -- let Wayne hear from you.