| March/April 1982

HI! here comes the Spring issue of 1982 already--is that possible? Yes, Tis, even though it is February as the magazines hit the mails--Oh well, you know how time flies. I'll betcha you have your seed catalogs by now and have the list about made out as to what you're going to plant.

This is being written right around Christmas and I must tell you we had a wonderful Holiday Season, hope you did too. My brother, Dan Keeley was home to spend the Christmas Season with us. We hadn't seen him for 21 years and you can imagine what a wonderful reunion it was for all of us. Four of our children had been born before he left, but he had never seen our youngest, Tom, who is now 17. And then there were nieces and nephews he hadn't seen. Why do we let things like this happen? Well, I guess the answer is that is the way life goes. We were always in touch and he had planned to come home several times and something came up to prevent it, and we just could not pick up and go at any time--anyhow the important thing is that we are now reunited and I am sure it won't be very long until we'll be seeing each other again. Praise the Lord!

The first letter comes from L. W. WRIGHT, 1215 Anchors Way #237, Ventura, California 93001: 'I have enjoyed your magazine for many years, although I don't live on a farm, but have been a steam buff since I was a kid.

Mr. Herb Reese's letter in Nov.-Dec. issue of Iron Men Album brought back memories of the Best tractors. I worked two seasons between college years for California Pack. Corp. (Del Monte brand) who had many ranches in California. The years were 1926 and 1927. This ranch was near Merced, California and was 4,000 acres, mostly peaches. They had 18 Best 39s, 4 Yuba 40s, 2 Best 60s and 1 Holt 75.I drove a Best 30 for one year and a Yuba 40 one year. I only used the big rigs for subsoiling, too big to use in orchards. All burnt distillate in those days, no diesels. As Mr. Reese said, Best made a good machine. It would run nine hours a day for about seven months--some as much as ten years old.

I never had any experience with steam, but enjoy reading your magazine.'

DAN McDonald, Box 297, Cokato, Minnestoa 55321 is seeking information on small model steam engines. That's about all he asked for perhaps if there is someone out there feels he could help him, please write at above address.