| March/April 1986

Hi there! Well, the holidays are all over and we're really into the year of 1986. Do you find that each year seems to have fewer days and months, or is it that we're getting up in years and the precious time is zooming by so fast? Did you ever notice how kids in school think the time goes so slowly and that that next birthday just is so far away and it seems so long until it gets here oh well!

I'll bet you avid gardeners have some seedlings in trays and are anxiously awaiting the spring days to get them out in the good earth. Isn't it great though, how each season brings with it different joys and aromas. And of course, each year we make new memories of those times especially in the summertime when we get the wanderlust in the hearts and are anxious to get out on the Show Trail and hit all the reunions that are possible. We're a restless lot, aren't we, and isn't it wonderful? God loves each and everyone of us, just as we are; just remember that, when you're down and feeling like no one cares God does, always, isn't that terrific?!

I know you all like the little stories from Wellsprings of Wisdom so this one is entitled FAITH. Read and enjoy. A blind man inched his way along the busy street during the rush hour, until he felt the curb with his foot. He paused until he sensed a person standing next to him and then said: 'May I accompany you across the street?' 'Yes, certainly,' came the reply from an elderly woman as she took his arm.

The two persons walked arm-in-arm safely across the street while cars and pedestrians swirled about them. When they came to the sidewalk on the other side of the street the blind man turned to thank his escort, but before he could phrase his appreciation, she said, 'Thanks for the safe crossing. Being blind is made bearable because of people's kindness.'

'Faith! How wonderful faith is!' exclaimed the blind man.

After reading this letter, perhaps some of you will want to write to JOHN B. TOY, 41 Himsley Green, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Beds., LU7 7PY England: 'Prior to my USA visit you kindly mentioned my route in IMA and I had almost 30 replies from people inviting me to see their collections of steam engines. In summer of next year, probably July-August 1986, I plan to visit Canada. Would it be possible for you to mention my interests and route, which will be: fly to and from Winnipeg, thence by hired car to Yorkton, Saskatoon, Wetaskiwin, Calgary and on to Vancouver & Expo 1986, returning via Moose Jaw and Austin.' (There 'tis, John, already mentioned. Hope you get a lot of replies and enjoy your 1986 visit.)