| March/April 1988

Hi Dear Friends As I sit here pondering my writings with you I can't help think this is the shortest day of the year darkness comes so quickly these days, but now we can look for each day to be a bit longer and a bit brighter and slowly day by day we will before you know it be into Spring and who is there among us who doesn't love to see the signs of spring and the rebirth of all nature?

I also realize though that these are the times when the engine hobbyists and gas buffs all get their wares and beautiful and dutiful engines gone over for the great shows coming up in 1988and then, of course, when you look and see this is the March-April issue, before you know it you will be trucking off your showpieces and gems for the oohs and aahs of the clan that loves steam and gas. Keep working, gentlemen and ladies time has a way of getting here sooner than you think. I know you are all looking forward to the upcoming Reunions and sharing the growing friendships and ideas from others who have the same interests as your own.

Keep the letters coming and please let us know of any new thing we should know and of the fun things that happen, or the educational values that emerge from each show. Also let us know if you are pleased or displeased with anything we might do we do aim to please we care about you and your thoughts, views, suggestions and just plain friendly letters too. And don't forget, you are a great part of what makes America great!

And with that we will continue on with letters and items

Needing some answers, this letter comes from RICHARD M. BANDY, Route 2, 265 North Duncan Road, Alvaton, Kentucky 42122: 'Where are the Port Huron, Serial No. 8602 and Serial No. 8206 and Keck-Gonnerman 19-65 Serial No. 1869? I have much information on above engines for present owners.'

Tom White of Crescent Blvd., Simcoe, Ont., N3Y 2K8, sent this photo of his grandson, Aaron Culver , at the throttle of his 2' Waterloo, with part of the 2 Waterloo separator showing.