| March/April 1989

Hi, Dear Friends! Here comes the Spring issue already yes, already, although we are in the mid-winter season. That's the way it is with magazines, we have to be way ahead in issues to be on time with events and related subjects. Actually I bet many of you are not yet finished with the products for the coming shows and reunions. I'll bet many of you still have a lot of tinkering to do on that engine or hobby-related art, whether it be an engine, or perhaps some of the other crafts that are worked on all winter to appear on the beautifully decorated tables, or as the bigger engines go, on the grounds. Well, you still have some time so keep on the beam and get that beauty ready for the shows and wonderful get-together-times with your friends and hobbyists. And remember to send me all the stories about your hobby. Before I get into the letters of communication, pause a moment and read this little thought provoker:

THE WAY Not for one single day
Can I discern my way
But this I surely know-
Who gives the day
Will show the way
So I securely go.

John Oxenham

I think that is a pretty good thought to ponder, especially when we get depressed. And now, on to the letters.

KEITH W. MAUZY, R.R. 1, Box 145, Middletown, Indiana 47356 tells us: 'Seeing a picture of the Star steam engine on the back of a return envelope prompts me to let you know that I have a 12 HP C. Aultman Star Engine, No. 4196. This engine was bought new in 1892. I have owned it since 1949.

I pretty well know the history of this engine with all the owners which I may get a story together sometime. (Please do, Keith, that would make a nice article. I'll be looking for it.)