| March/April 1994

Just wanted to say I have gotten a few more letters please keep them coming. Don't think you can't write or that it won't be used IT WILL. I appreciate your writings. This is your magazine where your interests count! Now, we are coming into the spring issues and I found a worthy article to print called, What Is A Miracle? 'Recently a group of community leaders objected so strongly to a man who claimed to heal people through faith, that they issued this statement: 'Miracles ceased with the death of the last Apostle.'

I do not claim to be a Bible student, but I do remember many of the verses read to us by the teacher when I was a small boy in school. And I am confident that somewhere in the Book is the unequivocal statement: Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever. (Hebrews 12:8.)

Now my question to the learned gentlemen is if Jesus is the same today and forever, and if those divine healings really were made in the days of the Apostles, why can't there be divine healings and other so-called miracles today?

I suppose that it may all depend upon what you call a miracle. Still, I have placed so many thousands of seemingly lifeless eggs in my poultry incubators, and three weeks later taken out husky, living chicks ready to grow, and later reproduce, that I have to believe in miracles of today.

'I never took off a hatch of chicks without feeling that I was working in the midst of miracles. To me every life, from the lowest form to the highest, is a miracle.'

'Just the other day, in the mud under my window, I scattered seeds so small as to be almost invisible. And someday, later this summer, there will be beautiful flowers of brilliant colors with petals that shine like silk, that will come from those tiny seeds. If these aren't miracles from God, what are they? Eben Wood.' This was taken from The Guideposts Treasury of Hope.