| March/April 1996

We have lots of letters this month, so we'll get to them directly:

DAVID BEACH, 919 Chestnut Street, Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania 16673 writes: 'I just got back from the Grease, Steam and Rust Association's Show at McConnelsburg, Pennsylvania, and it is with great appreciation that I write this letter! The weekend started with stream-flooding rain that lasted till early Saturday. Though I gave the steel wheels on my Z-1 Peerless a brown coat of valley mud, the show went on and I did my best to keep up with the excitement.

'The 'steam guys' at this show are fun loving, helpful individuals who gave me all the information and encouragement I needed for my first show away from home. We 'green horns' like to take every opportunity possible to use our steam engines and the GSR's events schedule allowed me to belt to the saw mill, pull the big 'TERMINATOR' sled and parade around like a general idiot.

'I am particularly thankful for the wonderful appreciation showed to me on Sunday through presenting awards and being given the chance to parade in front of the grandstand with my steam buddies at McConnelsburg.

1914 Z-1 Peerless 10x10 that David Beach bought from the Willis Abel collection in October 1994. The bell is Pennsylvania Railroad.

'The other show that I took my Z-1 to this year was September 16th and 17th. The Southern Cove Power Reunion was a fabulous little show with a schedule of events that ran like a clock with enough tractors on display to please any onlooker. Mike Miller of the New Centerville Show displayed his 20th Century twin traction engine, as well as his Austin Road Roller. The engineer on these pieces was a split-duty between Jerry Schimpf and various club members who wanted a crack at the throttle.