| March/April 1997

Sometime ago, we began to receive copies ofThe Veteran Farmer, or 'Die Veteran Boer' from its friendly staff. The quarterly magazine is the Journal of the Vintage Tractor and Engine Club of South Africa. The colorful 12-page Farmer is sent free to members of the Club. The subscription rates published are in South African rands (a rand is the equivalent of about 22 cents in U.S. funds). We don't know what their International rates might be, but if you're interested, contact: The Secretary, Vintage Tractor & Engine Club of South Africa, PO Box 774, Greytown 3500, Republic of South Africa.

We have quite a few letters this month, so we'll get right to them:

JERRY J. DEATON, 308 Lind Street, McMinnville, Tennessee 37110 writes: 'I've enjoyed your column and the magazine for many years now, and hope to continue doing so for many years to come. This is the first time I've written to you, but this past summer events have opened new doors for me.

'I'm a Live Steamer and have built and now run a 1' scale locomotive called the ChiShay at various meets around the country and enjoy the good people and good times.

'This past summer I was fortunate to find two stationary mill engines which were used by a local lumber company during the first half of this century. These engines had been sitting under our nose for many years, and a chance meeting with a gentle man revealed that up on this hill were some old pulleys and junk. When we took a look, to our surprise, there were these engines just waiting for someone to restore them.

'After making a deal with the company, Burroughs-Ross-Colville, who have been in business in this area for nearly a century, I and some other friends, decided to bring these engines down off the hill and put new life in them. The smaller engine looks to be in good shape for total restoration, but the larger one will need some parts to complete its new life. I've brought the smaller engine to my home and already have begun to strip it down for clean-up and whatever else it will need to get it back into running condition. The larger engine is still in the woods, but we have already been given permission to move it to the Warren County Fairgrounds and put it on static display.