| March/April 1999

'Oh yes, I wanted to comment on the cover photo of the September/October 1998 issue. It's heartening indeed to see a couple of clean cut youngsters getting involved with the art of steam engineering. We sure need to encourage the younger generation if there is to be a future with the hobby. Congratulations, David and Annie!'

We received a letter from CARL BOETTCHER, #316743, Wolworth Unit, PO Box 900-1, Sturtevant, Wisconsin 53177-0900, who writes: 'My family and I own two steam engines. We have a 1910 45 HP Case and an 60 HP Illinois. There aren't many Illinois left; I've never seen any others. 1 really don't know the original color. Anyone who knows of any other engines like this, please contact me.

'I love running these old engines. I've been running them since I was seven years old! I can run just about any kind of engine there is.'

'If anyone has a photo of an Illinois Thresher Company engine, please send it. I will return it.'

'This is a photo of our 45 HP Case and 60 HP Illinois. If you would like to see any of our steamers, please come to our show in Chilton, Wisconsin, the second weekend in August.'

GERALD R. DARR, 2220 Bishops gate Drive, Toledo, Ohio 43614-2006, writes, 'This is a photo of my father's Buckeye steam traction ditching machine taken about 1909. My father is shown second from the left. The men on his right and left I cannot identify.