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| March/April 2002

Traction Engines and Threshing Machines

146 Reimer Lane, Whitefish, MT 59937 (e-mail:, chimes in with his response to the on-going Reeves debate.

'Well, Richard, now it is my turn to make further comments on the pictures' I submitted to the November/December 2001 Iron Men Album, to which Mr. Reeves (Lyle Hoffmaster) responded to in the January/February 2002 issue. Lyle was hoping to get me stirred up enough to write a letter, so here goes!

Lyle, I will admit that I am probably one of the poorest Advance authorities going. I called that 30 HP Advance (Yaeger Photo #3, page 15, November/December 2001) pulling away with the thresher a 25 HP. I should check out other people's pictures when I copy them, as I think that is where I got the '25' HP. If I had only checked my own Advance catalog, I would have known that the company never built a 25 HP engine. Thanks for being on your toes, Lyle, since I feel sheepish about that one.

Yaeger Photo #1: A 25HP reeves cross-compound pulling a combined harvester in Montana's Judith Basin . This engine had been previously identified as a 32 HP cross-compound

Since Tommy Lee and Chady let the cat out of the bag that you cut your teeth on Case engines, I would be the last person to doubt your expertise on the little center-crank Case (Yaeger #1, page 15, November/December 2001) being a 'trunk-compound' rather than the tandem-compound that I referred to it as. My friend Tom Stebritz refers to it as a trunk-compound also, so I would never argue that point with either of you. I guess 1 just hadn't lived long enough to hear that term used.

'I would question your thinking that the Case center crank in my picture was a 10 or 12 HP,' however. Those front wheels appear to be only about three or four inches wide, and the smoke stack doesn't appear to be more than eight inches in diameter. It almost appears as though it would fit into the back of my pickup. I will stick with my 8 HP analysis, as the only thing smaller is the little simple 6 HP Case engine, and this obviously isn't a simple engine.