| May/June 1961

  • Anna Mae

  • Anna Mae

Spring at last has come again - With
all it's showers and spendors,
And with it comes the dear old Sun,
To which the snow surrenders.

Some days it's warm, some days it's
cold-Some days the wind is blowing,
And when the rain falls not in torrents,
It turns round to 'snowing'.

Thin sheets of ice from here and there
From late at night till morning,
The white frost plays an important
part, without giving heed or warning.

Then come the birds, the pretty birds,
The robins and the blue jays,
Building homes and repairing nests,
On these bright and early spring days.

The farmer now prepares his fields,
For grain, corn and potatoes,
The housewife has her garden,
With its onions, radishes, tomatoes.

So goodby winter, Hello spring,
With your ever changing weather,
We're glad your back, we're proud
you're here, We welcome you together.