Farm Collector


Well, my husband bought a new snow shovel the other day,
confident, that if he would purchase a new one, he wouldn’t
need it any more-alas, it has already been initiated! I’m
positive though, that between the snow falls, I can sense that
undefinible presence of Spring in the atmosphere but then, you know
I am an optimist! As for Elmer, he’s been trying to sell his
lawn-mower all winter, for he feels there will never again be a
need for it. But although we like to joke of such matters, we know,
just as sure as the day dawns every 24 hours, so will Spring
arrive. Why, just this morning I had to take the pruning shears and
go a-hunting for ‘greens’ as my little first grader
insisted, they must have some greens to take into school for they
are making a garden or some thin’. Well, the only greens I
could spy were a few branches on one of the little pine trees that
grace the side of our house, so she had her required articles for
the spring project. Didn’t take very many branches though,
wasn’t nearly as bad as Christmas-I forgot to tell you folks,
that near the approaching Christmas Day, I kept after father and
Son No. 1 to get a tree-and it was put off and delayed and etc. so
one night I took the saw and went out front and sawed one of our
little pine trees down-we had our tree, and Father had a jolt bet
next year, he’ll get it in plenty of time.

We have received several letters recently on the pros and cons
of the article entitled ”A Problem’ printed on Page 21
of March-April 1963 issue. We will be using them, though not all at
once. Seems to have stirred up quite a bit of interest-and there is
much to be said for both views.

Time marches on, or we should say, time steams along-and as it
does we are growing which makes us very happy-many of you folks
write and ask how many subscribers we have and in a round figure,
we can say 7400-that’s quite something when you figure that all
Elmer meant to do when he started out with this magazine was to
print a little paper to communicate with thirty some other men who
shared the same interest. We are glad you folks find it interesting
and we are working on ways to improve it and use the material at
hand. We are sorry that we have to hurt feelings sometimes, for
that is not our aim, and we are trying to make use of all of our
material and get it to you as best we see fit. We hope to keep on
‘going and growing.’


  • Published on May 1, 1963
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