| May/June 1974

By the time this copy is in your hands, a few of the Shows will be memories, but there are many, many reunions ahead if you can get to them! And right now it is just a few days until Spring is officially proclaimed as making an entrance. So, I suppose everyone is not only busy with thoughts of the upcoming events, but also with seed catalogs and flower and shrubbery brochures. I'll bet there will be more gardens planted this year than in the past few years I've seen ads in the local newspapers where people are inquiring about lots to rent on which to plant a garden. If one can do it though, it is quite rewarding to have your own fresh produce and also some to can Mmmmm!

And that is enough of my echoing my thoughts as we have quite a few letters this time - and I can talk to you whenever we do not have as many writings from our FAMILY of Iron-Men Album Folks.

I might say this - I wanted to thank all our friends out across the land for remembering us throughout the year with cards and notes. We had quite a few Christmas cards and it is not unusual to get cards throughout the year. I'd like also to thank Dennie and Hazel Magnuson for their thoughtfulness in sending us one of their calendars.

The Magnuson's have a Museum called 'Yesterfarm of Memories' at Center City, Minnesota, 55012. The museum was established in 1966 and they have since erected five pole buildings to house an extensive collection of the memorabilia of our pioneer settlers, preserved and displayed to set the scene of yesterday. This collection represents a life-long interest in the ways of our forefathers who settle this land. Many of these items belonged to Dennie's family and also from families in the surrounding area. The Museum is open daily from 1 to 6 from May 1st to Nov. 1st. There is free parking and shaded picnic area but there is a small admission charge to tour the museum. Take notice of the picture on the calendar of Dennie and Hazel Thanks again and good luck with your efforts in preserving the past for the future.

DONALD E. WATKINS, Box 163, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas 72768 wrote us he had just recently learned of our publication and feels we are doing a wonderful service to preserve what-used-to-be. His primary interests lie with the current need of building engines that could be used today. He knows of no group promoting this use and would like to know if there is such an organization, experimenting with stationary and automotive applications. (If you know of any, please contact Don - and let us know too. - He means aside from the steam reunions).

LANDON DE SMET, Route 1, Box 1339, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87105 recently purchased a Russell steam tractor and would be very happy to hear from anyone who might have some information on this tractor.