| May/June 1976

We'll really be into Spring when this magazine enters your hands -so much of the vegetation having lain dormant all winter will burst anew as we herald another beginning - a new Spring - to see, hear, touch and enjoy as our Creator brings forth the beauty of the earthly greens, and flowers - a new season to bring a new your precious engines and machinery to another 'get together of Steam Folks - and that's a good time any season.' And if you don't thing Spring is in the air - believe me, it is -I have an asthma indicator and I KNOW -but I love Spring anyhow. For me, it also means another Easter, after the period of Lent when I celebrate the resurrection of Christ, my Savior and Lord of my life -Hallelujah! And that's not a new story, but is always a beautiful time of renewing and a time of re-strengthening. Have a Blessed Easter!

And another new item is the formation of a club called 'Thee Olde Time Farm Show' which will be held July 3, 4, 5, 1976 at the Kankakee Fairgrounds, Kankakee, Illinois. We did not receive the information in time for our 1976 Directory so we will mention it here - contact William A. Yohnka, 1080 8th Street, Kankakee, Illinois 60901. So far they have 38 members and 110 engines promised for the first get together. Good Luck to our fellow enthusiasts - so far they are a Gas Engine Club -but just wait, I'll bet a steamer shows up!

RUPERT ANDERSEN, 2102 Avenue 'D', Kearney, Nebraska 68847 would like to build a small steam engine, about 1 or 1-1/2 inch bore and build it from scratch, no castings. I bet he would love to hear from some of you men who have done this.

Hey Fellas! Here's another new club that has been forming for the last few years - we wish them good luck, and I'll enter letter here sent by JIMMIE H. RUSSELL, 1001 MC Cambrige Avenue, Madison, Illinois 62060:

For the past 4 years, several fellows have displayed antique tractors, engines, and farm machinery at the (Illinois) Bond County Fair, located 50 mi. East of St. Louis, Mo. Interest in the displays and the number of participants has increased to the point that a club was organized last November. Three meetings have been held, the 3rd being an indoor 'gas-up', on February 15th.

There are 55 charter members, representing 8 counties. The group selected as a name: Bond County Antique Machinery Club. The following officers were selected: President: Michael Evans of Pocahontas; Vice-President: John Anthony of Greenville; and Secretary-Treasurer: Jim Russell of Oblong and Madison.