| May/June 1982

By the time you receive this magazine, I'm sure the crocus will be popping its head through the hardened groundit's Spring again! New birth, new beginnings, new engine season, new friends each day a new day to better serve God; and there is some daffodils and isn't that violets over there neath the backyard bushes a beautiful time of year. Oh yes friend, there is much sadness and tragedy in this world, but we can look daily to our Creator and the beauty of nature breathe in God's air, God's thoughts, God's ways aren't you glad you were born? You are a special person you know, there's only one exactly like you God has a plan for you. Step out into God's Spring and let His will for you take overwalk in His way and enjoy Spring 1982it will be great for you.

Before I get to the letters, I would like you to read another tale from Wellsprings of Wisdom by Ralph L. Woods. It goes like this: The untouched heart among the students at a college was a young man on crutches. Although not a handsome fellow, he had a talent for friendliness and optimism, and he earned many scholastic honors and had the respect of his classmates. One day a new student asked him what had caused him to become so badly crippled.

'Infantile paralysis,' replied the genial young man.

'With a misfortune like that,' exclaimed the other fellow, 'how can you face the world so confidently and so happily?'

'Oh,' replied the polio victim, 'the disease never touched my heart.'

And now onto our letters: