| May/June 1983

Hi! Everybody ready for Spring?? Aren't we always?? I'm so happy to hear from more of you folks this time. Before we begin with our correspondence I'd like to relate a short story to you, sad as it is you will probably appreciate it is called Troubles Years ago the inhabitants of a small town got into the habit of constantly complaining about their problems, troubles, difficulties real and imaginary. It was a soured, unhappy community. When the condition kept getting worse, an angel appeared, gave to each person in the community a bag and instructed that each one should put all his troubles in his bag and then hang the bag on the picket fence surrounding the village church. At a given signal the villagers were then to run at their top speed and pick out whichever bag of troubles they wanted.

The scramble, confusion and fighting that resulted was extraordinary especially since each person wanted only to get back his own bag of troubles. from Wellsprings of Wisdom. And now on to the letters

One of our long-time subscribers and contributors has moved and writes this note, and if you can help him out you will find him at the following address: MELVIN KESTLER, 712 Chaps Road, S.E., Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124. Phone 505-892-9825. He writes:

'Since I owned and operated a steam threshing outfit at the Bird City, Kansas antique engine show for many years, I would like to know if you have any subscribers in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area that would be interested in getting together with me on a mutual friendship basis.

'We recently moved here from Twin Falls, Idaho and I would like to make the acquaintance of some local steam men.

'Have been a subscriber to your interesting magazine for over 30 years. Really enjoy it.'