| May/June 1984

Can you smell it? Can you hear it? Well, you may think I mean Spring and in a way I do, but I also mean the soot from the engines and the shrills and toots from the whistles that's those anxious steam fiends a-greasing and oiling and shining and fixing and just a-doing anything to keep their hands on that engine and have her in tip-top shape for those shows! Isn't it wonderful? It's been a dreary winter, but it won't be long now, or so we hope, 'til you'll all be in your glory visiting the shows and swapping stories to hold you over for another year. And by the way, don't forget to send all those interesting items to me that's what makes the column so enjoyable.

I have an interesting poem taken from the 1974-75 Central North Dakota Steam Threshers Show book we can all take a lesson from it-called SOMETHING TO PONDER.

'Sometime when you're feeling important. Sometime when you ego's in bloom. Sometime when you take it for granted. You're the best qualified in the room. Sometime when you feel that your going. Would leave an unfillable hole. Just follow this simple instruction. And see how it humbles your soul.--Take a bucket and fill it with water. Put your hand in it up to your wrist. Pull it out and the hole that's remaining. Is a measure of how you'll be missed. You may splash all you please when you enter. You can stir up the water galore but stop, and you'll find in a minute, That it looks quite the same as before.'--- The moral in this quaint example is 'Do just the best you can. Be proud of yourself, but remember, There is no indispensable man.

First letter comes from EDWIN H. BREDEMEIER, RFD 1, Box 13, Steinauer, Nebraska 68411: 'Just finished reading my Jan-Feb '84 I.M.A. and notice someone else has the same thoughts about HP calculations of the Baker fan. I would like to know the formula of determining the HP developed at different speeds.

I'm building a duplicate, not a model of a Baker fan and have all the specs except the one pulley size. One pulley is 20'. The design of a Baker fan is important since the air flow creates the resistance against the engine and not using arms as original it will make a difference. Also the frame material size and shape and if using a cyl. assembly from a thresher also affects the air flow and distance from the ground of fan shaft.

So would appreciate if you could publish the formula on HP of Baker fan.' (Can anyone help Ed with this?)