| May/June 1986

Hi! to all the dear family of Iron-Men Album Magazine. I think all over the nation right now it is miserable winter weather, reports of flooding, snows, yukky weather, ugh! But this is definitely springtime and into summer issue of IMA so by the time you get this, maybe the welcome spring flowers will be pushing their beautiful heads above ground. Hope so, and I know you are pampering the engines and getting the trailers ready to get 'on the road' for another glorious year of shows. I'll be looking for your comments and stories to help stimulate the column writings.

I had quite a few inquiries as to where you can get the book Well-springs of Wisdom, as you folks really seem to enjoy the stories from it. As I told you, I don't believe it is in print any more if you find out differently, please let me know.

And here comes another bit for you from that good little book. It is entitled 'Know Thyself': A prosperous young Wall Street broker met, fell in love with and was frequently seen escorting about town a rising actress of gentility and dignity. He wanted to marry her, but being a cautious man he decided that before proposing matrimony he should have a private investigating agency check her background and present activities. After all, he reminded himself, 'I have both a growing fortune and my reputation to protect against a marital misadventure.'

The Wall Streeter requested that the agency was not to reveal to the investigator the identity of the client requesting a report on the actress.

In due time the investigator's report was sent to the broker. It said the actress had an unblemished past, a spotless reputation, and her friends and associates were of the best repute. 'The only shadow,' added the report, 'is that currently she is often seen around town in the company of a young broker of dubious business practices and principles.' (Nuff saidyou better think on that one awhile, might benefit us all).

It's good to hear from ANDY MICHELS, 302 Highland Avenue, Plentywood, Montana 59254 as he tells us: 'When I visited Dalton, Minnesota last fall, I saw an old Stillwater giant steam engine, 8 or 9 HP, perhaps as old as Grampa's. My grandfather, John Fugle at Devils Lake, ND, had an 8-9 HP and a 36' Rumely thresher, hand-fed and no stacker of any kind, before 1900.