| May/June 1988

Well, here comes Spring again, I hope. We are still having pretty cold and snowy and rainy weather from time to time. But you see signs everywhere to sign up for baseball practice and all kind of ads for forthcoming spring events which lightens the heart a bit. So keep working at those Show items so you'll be ready to roll when the dates come due.

Now I've been working for this magazine for over thirty years and that means I have been in contact with thousands of wonderful folks over this time and now I want to call attention to those of you in Florida. The beginning of February our son, Donald, left to work at a new job in that state. Now Donnie lives in Winter Haven; it's been hard on him and all of us back here. He has always been around this area and we have seen him most every day as he used to stop almost every evening for supper (some say dinner, but we say supper). So it is really a great challenge for all of us trying to adjust without seeing his smiling face almost every day. And I know it is difficult for him too, to pull up roots after 33 years and move on to a new home so far away. So, if any of you good folks are near in that area, drop in and say hi or drop him a card, he would appreciate it. Thanks loads! I always thought of the Iron Men Family as family. He has only been gone a few weeks but it seems like months and I can hardly wait to visit. I've never been to Florida, but I bet you I'll be there one of these days.

And that will be enough of my tale and on to the many communications.

This communication comes from J. T. KUNE, 31 Wild Tiger Lane, Sugarloaf Star Route, Boulder, Colorado 80302: 'I am in need of help in completing the restoration of a Worthington stationary steam engine. The engine is, or should I say was, a tandem compound, 10 x 18 x 10, built by the Worthington Pump and Machinery Corporation, Blake & Knowles (last three letters a guess) Works. The governor is a 2' Erie with a patent date of 1896. It was formerly used by the Great Western Sugar Mill in Loveland, Colorado until that facility shut down.'

'My need is for information and parts. Is the Worthington Pump and Machinery Corporation still in business and if so where? Does anyone know where copies of construction drawings might be secured? Such a reason may seem farfetched, but with an entire world of live steam enthusiasts to draw on, who knows?' (That's right, many folks have been helped through our readers, so here's hoping you will hear from them).

Another letter desiring information comes from HALVOR CARLOCK, Route 2, P.O. Box 281, Everton, Missouri 65646.