| May/June 1991

My Dear Iron-Men Album Familythis is a difficult column for me to writeI have told you different times of our hospital stays (Ed and I) seems we have had so many these past several years and our latest visits were in 1990. Ed had been in from Feb. 14 for 18 days and at that time it was heart again, and pneumonia and gallstones (which they could do nothing aboutexcept take an anti-indigestion liquid) and so he lost one of his greatest joys of eating. Then in October I was in toward the end of the month for five days and back in again from Nov. 2 to Nov. 29both times for my 'runaway heart' and anemia plus my other longtime ailments. I was so happy to get home the end of October, to get Ed to a Class Reunionwhich he dearly enjoyed, as he loved people and talking was one of his greatest joys.

While I was gone, our five wonderful children took turns coming to the house each night to be with him. Altogether, he had five heart attacks and a stroke two years ago which was really a hard illness to combat. And this year on January 11, Ed entered the hospitalhe knew this was the last trip. We had talked about it, and he was ready and had made his peace with Jesus. He had suffered so much, he wanted to get along to his heavenly home and so on January 23 he died.

I know many of you can identify with my anguishit certainly is not easy but God is so good. I was sick with asthma and bronchitis the day I took him to the doctors and then to the hospital. And that evening our one son, Donnie, came home and was here for quite a few weeks. I did get down to visit Ed each day for which I was thankful. I take great comfort in our five wonderful children that was our greatest accomplishment in our lives and what better could one ask for than such a blessing.

Ed loved working at funerals. He helped for about seven years and had always wished he had been an undertaker. So, we never look at funerals in a negative way. I think he would have liked his funeral Donnie, Eddie, Dana and I spoke a tribute at the funeral services. Keli played two or his favorite hymns on the piano, and later Tommie came over to me and said, 'Mom, that was nice how you all did, but I just can't get up and do something like that,' and I assured him that made no difference for he was faithful the whole time helping with Dad. He stops almost every day to see me just to tell me he loves me he's done this for a long time and sees the garbage gets out, cuts the grass and etc. We all have our ways of showing our love.

I did wonder though why I had to be away in the hospital 33 days when it wasn't too long after I came home that Ed had to leave and I questioned God about this and I received the greatest peace, as he let me know he had wanted all of the children to know him better as he was in this time of his life. It's rough going through this, but God is so good and we are all doing just fine, which is the way Ed would want us to feel.

And so, dear ones, we must get on with the publishing of the magazine as it is time for the May-June issue.