| May/June 1993

Well, Hi to all you wonderful folks, here it is the May/June issue already. Of course, we do have to get it out early, and I always try and remember that when writing, and with Spring coming up, some of you will enjoy this poem.

Can't Resist

I look at a book, But I see a brook
Where colored flies are scudding;
I can scan the news, But in ones
and twos
I see the cowslips budding.
Desire with a pat,
Says 'Grab your hat!'
So I won't sit here wishing.
The day is fine My hook and line!
Hurray! I'm going fishing!

I suppose that hits a soft spot with many of you who love that activity. And of course some of you can do that anytime of year, but not we in the cold areas. And by the way, we are having much more of the 'white stuff this year than we have had for quite awhile. It is pretty and does supply more water, and I hate to admit this. I have a lovely little home; there isn't anything I would change EXCEPT when it snows. My driveway is on a hill up to our house and I am not allowed to shovel and I go somewhere every day in the car. Off to the post office, stop at the Doughnut Shop, go shopping, etc. It had to be shoveled three times this year, none last year and once the year before that, but I managed the one day I had to stay indoors completely. My good neighbor shoveled one time, my granddaughter, Kortni once and my daughter, Keli did it the other time. So thanks to them, I survived!

I have a short story to print. It may affect many folks. You'll see what I mean.

'Because of a little piece of paper, today is a very special day. This world suddenly belongs to me in a way it never did before. I also belong to it in a new way.

'That child pedaling his bicycle along the road I see the years of love and sacrifice that brought him to this place. I realize the incalculable heartbreak if some accident should befall this child.