| May/June 1993

'I would like to comment on the steam engine photo on page 11 of November/December 1992 issue sent by Carl Alsdorf of Middletown, Ohio. I am wondering if the Nagle Engine and Baler Works could have originally been the Erie City Iron Works? Or maybe have been built by them. In Jack Norbeck's Encyclopedia of American Steam Traction Engines, the Erie steam portable engine is listed on page 35. These two engines are almost identical, with eight years difference in the time they were built, allowing for the minor discrepancies. I would certainly like to hear from anyone with information on these engines.

'Keep up the good work, Anna Mae, and may we never forget where our many blessings come from, and where our thankfulness belongs.'

The following is a very informative and interesting letter with lots of pictures you will be interested in seeing. It comes from GARY YAEGER, 146 Reimer Lane, Whitefish, Montana 59937, 406-862-7738; hope you enjoy.

'The last time I wrote anything for the Iron-Men Album was the January/February 1958 issue. I've been going to write for some time, but I'm usually too busy.

'I discovered a book written by Bob Murphy, copyrighted in 1984, for children, called Tractors. On page 36 is a picture of a 110 HP Case plowing, and I was 98% sure this was the same picture that was in the January/February IMA on page 18. There was no information available with the IMA pictures. The caption with the picture in 'Tractors' was as follows: 'A Case steamer shown in the 1911 Winnipeg plowing contest. Case took home a gold medal.'

'I am a Case owner and fan. However, I am also a Reeves fan, as my father, Joe Yaeger, used to tell me story after story about the operation of the two Reeves engines he and his seven brothers owned. They owned a 32-120 Reeves Canadian Special cross-compound (the one owned by Marvin Brodbeck shown at Wauseon, Ohio), and they also owned the only known 20 HP Canadian Special simple-double high wheeler produced by Reeves.