| May/June 1994

Hi! to all my good friends of the Iron Men Album Family. I know most of you have never met me and probably never will; but there definitely is a closeness I feel for you and some of the names are so familiar I feel like I know you.

Wow! Has this ever been a bad winter! Snow Snow and more SNOW and really cold weather! I think most of the schools around here will have to make up about 15 days, so far. A lot of damage has been done also. My carport roof caved in right down onto the patio. I'm so grateful though, I had just gone out to empty the garbage and came in when I heard this terrible noise. I was so shocked as I looked out, as the roof was all down and there were about two feet of snow right at the door with the roof under it. But I know there were many more, lots worse cases around here, where buildings caved in with much more damage.

My car and my son Donnie's car were under the roof, so they both had to be repaired as they had dents and scratches a-plenty. But thank God we weren't out there when the roof caved in or I guess I wouldn't be writing this column. And it still has been snowing almost every day, though it does look better right now. It snowed this morning but stopped and the sun is out and there is a lot of melting going on. The Susquehanna River, between Harrisburg and the West Shore towns, was up to flood stage last night and also all the ice on the river started moving. It was on TV and the pictures were really devastating. You see these acts of Nature and it is breathtaking. I do hope we're almost through for this winter. We had a bad flood in 1972 and it was scary. And I have to get a new carport.

But, now on to the letters and I believe more folks are sending in material. Please continue to do so and encourage your friends and buddies to send their stories along. It will make us happier and also the fellow IMA subscribers. Now on to the communications for this issue:

'What a thrill to see the first steam traction engine I ever saw on the back cover of November/December IMA '93,' writes GARY YEAGER, 146 Reimer Lane, Whitefish, Montana 59937. (406-862-7738).

'That Reeves 32-120 cross compound Canadian Special was owned from 1920-1954 by our family. I know Marvin and Shirley Brodbeck and family treasure that old lady. I could go on about her for many pages, however the intent of my letter only parallels this engine.