| May/June 1994

'I regret I cannot attend some more of the steam engine shows. But I did get to attend NTA in Wauseon.

'Hats off to all the men who restore and build those scale model engines. What a job it must be to restore an old rusty engine and where to get the parts!

'Steve Dunn mentions he has only ever seen one wooden separator. They threshed with one at Wauseon.

'I wish Jim Haley from Odell, Illinois, good fortune in finding parts for his 75 Case. It will be a project, but I am sure he may surprise us.'

Remember in March/April issue there is an informative, interesting letter from EARL MAYNARD, Box 289, Millville, Utah 84326, and there is a lot more to come and I mentioned I would continue in this issue, so here goes:

'The high mounted whirling governor above the steam dome beside which is seen the golden steam whistle to signal and command the threshing crew. The fireless piston rod, crosshead, flashing connecting rod and the crank disc revolving the whirling silver shining flywheel with its mounted drive belt. ' (You can picture this as Earl describes it.) 'The thirsty injector hissing and sputtering, then drinking in deep drafts, steady flowing water to the feed pipes to that ever hungry working boiler. The fireman with an eye 'peeled' watching the super-heated water bobbing slowly up and down in the glass water gauge to determine when to turn off the injector.