| May/June 1996

As we shift gears and start to think 'Spring' instead of 'Winter' (even though we're at this moment experiencing what we hope is our last ice and snow storm of the season), it seems that we have heard from a lot of people who have taken time this year to write a story or two. We are very pleased to say that we have more stories in this issue, and that we're hearing from newer subscribers often for the first time! This is a trend we'd like to have continue!

Since we have so much good material these days, those of you awaiting the next 'installment' of Zwicker's Practical Instructor will be disappointed this month, but can look forward to this piece in an up coming issue.

Yes, spring it's trite to bring up the old 'time of renewal' thing, I know, but dog gone it, it is good for the spirit to see new life coming on at this time of year. I think you folks in Engine land, many of whom have especially close ties to Mother Earth, can understand this best. I myself, while a town dweller whose grandfather sold the farm six months before I was born, am feeling renewed just seeing my flower seeds sprouting to life in their flats on the dining room floor (you should see my lupines such sturdy little seedlings!).

I hope all of you out there have a moment of joy this season as you emerge from your winter dens and gulp your first big breath of fresh spring air! Now, on to your letters!

FRANCIS A. ORR, 1617 32nd Street, Anacortes, Washington 98221 really has a story for us: 'In September, I took my family to England for a week of travel on the English canal systems. We had done this three years ago and had a great time.

'This year, we traveled what is called the 'Warwickshire Ring.' Our boat was 52 feet long, 6 feet 10 inches wide, and drawing about two inches of water. Full headroom for four guys 6 feet 1 inch tall and complete kitchen and bathroom facilities for my wife Rose Marie who does not have to worry about headroom (5 feet, 2 inch). The boat was a 'U-Drive' from Kate Boats at Warwick, site of one of England's better known restored castles.