| May/June 1996

RANDY E. SCHWERIN, 3040 160th Street, Sumner, Iowa 50674 sends this: 'I'm sure glad to see an increase in the last issue of your fine little magazine. It's #1 in my book. I also think it's a very important part of our hobby. A cornerstone, if you will. It gives us a place to air our activities, projects, needs and concerns. It's also a great place to make new friends.

'Gary Yaeger, from Montana, for example, a regular contributor, is a great friend of high regard. He's also a top-notch steam engineer. I only wish we lived closer together.

'The story sent in by Larry Mix about Harry Wood man see was outstanding. I can claim to be one of the lucky ones also who knew Harry. I even had the good fortune of having him as an overnight guest a time or two, here on the farm when he was still able to travel a little. He was a true pioneer in the hobby and one heck of a character. His experiences with steam in the early days were second to none. It was a privilege to have known him.

'On another note: I've heard that the steam engineering classes at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, are overflowing with new students. This is very encouraging news. A lot of old timers would scoff at these classes. I don't agree. In the first place, this is the only way that these people can get any hands on learning and experience. If you're not lucky enough to know somebody with an engine, it's just about impossible to gain this knowledge.

How many different engines can you find in this picture?

'I guess in trying to put this babble of mine into focus, I'd say to your readers' Get off dead center and write a little story and send it in. We would all like to hear about your projects or whatever. It all helps enhance IMA'. You know, it's quite something to be part of a magazine that is fifty years of age. And if you should happen to see some young person at the show this summer, looking fondly at your engine, invite them up on the platform and give them a 'good taste' of steam. You just never know, maybe you will inflict another person with the great steam bug.