| May/June 1997

'Picture # 4 is an A. N. Wood engine made in 1860.

'Picture # 5 is an A. N. Wood 2 HP engine made in 1862. This sold for a cash price of $125.00.

'Picture # 6 is after Allen Wood took on Loyal Clark Taber and Walter Morse as business partners, and changed the company name to Wood, Taber & Morse. The year is 1879.

'Picture # 7 is a Wood, Taber & Morse stationary engine of the type made in 1891 and earlier. There are two of these that I know the whereabouts of, but that's another story.

'Picture # 8. This ad is kind of special to me, only because I know that the Triumph engine was in the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, but was sold and is out there somewhere. This ad appeared around the 1880s.

'Picture # 9 is Wood, Taber & Morse's 4WD engine. This was considered the very first practical 4WD steam traction engine made. It made its first appearance in 1885. This is how their ad appeared in 1886.