| May/June 1999

Soot in the flues

Hello, friends! Hard to believe, as we sit here in mid-March waiting for what should be the last, and what you could actually call our first real storm of winter, that this issue will be in your hands in the merry, merry month of May. Ah, May! Earth's warm breath blowing gently over fields wearing a veil of green. . . the year's bright flowers being planted to add color to our home's landscape. . . blah, blah, blah, right? You're not interested in those things, you've got SHOW SEASON on your mind!

Things really get hopping this time of year. The 1999 Steam & Gas Engine Show Directory (required reading for anyone interested in this hobby), lists at least 260 events taking place in May and June. Remember, while you're out there having fun, to do so safely. Also, take a few notes so that you can write up a great show report to share with your collecting comrades through the pages of IMA. And speaking of your fellow collectors, let's get on with those letters!

We start off this month with a nice long letter from our friend CHADY ATTEBERRY, 931 Robin Road, Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631, who says, 'I always enjoy the letters in your column. After reading the article Jim Russell had you reprint, 'A Defense of Advance Thresher Company' by Marcus Leonard, I'll enclose some Advance pictures. I knew Marcus and always enjoyed his many fine articles. The late Lyman Knapp and I visited Marcus at his home in Salina, Kansas. Marcus also attended the early Wichita shows in the 1950s.

'All of these pictures are of my good friends.'

Picture #1 is a 13 HP Nichols and Shepard, number 8838; you can also see the back of a 15 HP Case number 13690. The young man sitting on the barrel is Tommy Stebritz from Algona, Iowa, who has written so many interesting articles. When Tommy writes, people listen. Few people today have the background and knowledge he has to write about steam engines. Picture taken March 1930.

Picture #2 is a 22 HP Advance engine owned by the late Harry Trego threshing near Halstead, Kansas, October 1915. Harry is on the engine. Harry was at the Threshers Convention in Wichita, Kansas, when Mr. A. D. Baker made his famous Baker fan test.