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Well, here we are getting the Christmas issue ready and I’ve
just barely sent the children off to school. Seems funny, but
that’s the way it is with writing for magazines deadlines are
so early. This will be a big year at our house for our eldest
offspring will graduate come next spring and you know what a
wonderful time it is being in school those last few years. Dana
Gail has just entered seventh grade, which is in the same school as
the high school students, and she is ecstatic with joy at being in
such a wonderful place after just plain old elementary. No. 3
child, Donald, entered school for the first this fall and he is the
one that always has us guessing very unpredictable, obstinate,
strong-willed, skeptical of anything you tell him and dear knows
what else (he’s also a doll with eyes that melt you just when
you could blow a fuse). All we have to do is channel all the above
adjectives properly so that the result will be a typical good
American boy with prayers to bolster our spirits, vitamins to
increase our vitality and desire and determination to help another
good citizen find his place in the world – we might just make

I’m never anxious, though, to see the family starting back
to school. I think some people live for school to start but I
really miss them oh, it has its advantages but I still miss them.
However, little Keli Anne is still home to help me and she really
does it may take longer to do things and there may be detours but
she does help. And I surely don’t have much time to be lonely
with all the IRON-MEN letters coming in every day to keep us busy.
And here I am again rambling on about my gang some of you like it
for you’ve told me so and others well, please forgive!

Elmer just returned from over three weeks trip to the middle
west where I know many of you people met and talked with him. He
celebrated his 72nd birthday September 5th and I told him today he
looked hunger instead of aging more while he was gone. (And
what’s more he DID look wonderful!) Sometimes I wonder about
this age business! He certainly buzzes around like one many years
his junior just hope it lasts for many more years! We’re glad
he’s back home again anyhow! He’s also our High School PTA
president this year how do you like that?? I think it’s great.
He’ll always be young at heart and that’s where it

Williams Grove Reunion, held for the second year, was an
outstanding event.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1960
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