| November/December 1984

Hi! to all our good buddies, friends, IMA family and any others who might care to join us as I write this, shows, reunions, meets, rallies, whatever term you wish to apply are still going full swing into the middle of October, but when you pause to really get a look at things we are heading toward the holiday season pretty fast hope you all got some Christmas shopping done at the shows you have attended there are so many beautiful crafts presented at these affairs.

As you take this issue from your mailbox, the frost may be on the pumpkin, and I'm sure that crisp, leaf-smoked air brings nostalgic thoughts to many of us the morning ringing of school bells, the freshly carved jack-o-lantern, bobbing for apples, and tricks or treats. Then as our memory drifts a little further we can smell that luscious aroma of turkey roasting and we envision all the trimmings that go with Thanksgiving and onward to Christmas where we become so grateful for our many blessings we have been permitted down through 1984and we are filled with that yearly desire and enthusiasm to pass out a bit of the love that God gives to us every day of the year. Oh, we do a few good turns now and then through the months, but I'm afraid none of us live the way we know God wants us to every day, but that's what is so great about God he just loves us always and all ways thank you God and help each of us to try once again as the New Year rolls around to walk the way you have shown us thank you, thank you for all the blessings, and especially for the ones we take for granted.

I have a letter from JOHN SILVA, S. del Carri, 1880, 3000 Sante Fe, Argentina. John apologizes for the letter explaining he has a problem writing in the English language don't feel bad, John, I couldn't write ten words to you in your language if I had to.

He says he is an admirer of the tractor and steam engines and wishes to increase his knowledge about engines. He would appreciate pictures, old catalogs or whatever you might have of interest.

John says when he was younger he fired steam tractors and threshers equipment on a farm job, but lost his archives in floods suffered by Sante Fe City. Today, he is a locomotive engineer and instructor retired from the Sante Fe R.R. John will be very grateful for any steam information he receives.

The following letter comes from VERNON LANDHOLM, 102 North Park Avenue, Oakland, Nebraska 68045 and relates to a steam locomotive. Now, I know this magazine is primarily for steam traction engines, but many of our subscribers are, or have been, engineers and enjoy reading about anything that is steam-powered. So, once in awhile we do run a story in that category and hope you will enjoy them. By the way, why don't you let us know how you feel about articles on steam power other than the farm traction engine?