| November/December 1986

Hi! to all the wonderful folks out in Engine Landare you really ready for the Show Season to be over? Doesn't seem possible another year is almost out of sight Father Time is waiting to reap the old year out and the brand new Baby of 1987 waits on the threshold of our future. But then that gives you time to repair those engines you just acquired this summer and ponder over the enjoyment of the past reunions of the year of 1986. Don't forget to get that information and those interesting tales to me to share with our IMA family.

And now onto some communications from our readers as R. M. BANDY, Route 2, Alvaton, Kentucky 42122 writes: 'As a long time subscriber to IMA I would like to get in touch with present owners of Port Huron, Serial #8602, 19-65 HP; Port Huron Serial #8606, 19-65 HP; Port Huron Serial #8206, 19-65 HP and Keck-Gonnerman, Serial #1869, 19-65 HP. I have history on these and was at one time an owner.' (So Friends, if you can answer R. M. Bandy, please do, you'll probably gain another engine friend.).

WM. C. KUHL, 464 So. 5th Street, Sebewaing, Michigan 48759 sends this picture of a 22 HP Advance Rumely, taken at Michigan Steam Engine and Thresher Club Show at Mason, Michigan. Lange Sumerville is the owner.

It's good to hear from WALTER SPREEMAN, Box 7031, Hemet, California 92343 again as it has been quite awhile since we had a letter from him. 'I believe I wrote you many years ago. I have gotten the IMA since it began many years ago. Am a steam fan from my earliest recollection as my dad had a Case outfit in Alberta, Canada where I lived for many years. Would probably still be there farming but 15 years ago while flying a crop dusting plane, I was nearly killed when it caught a power line. I am an old ex-air force pilot of Canadian Air Force during the war.

I am also a genuine Christian. Was brought up in a Christian home and our annual vacation as a boy was at the Red Deer Camp meeting in Alberta. This was a Nazarene campgrounds so you know we heard the gospel every service. Was converted when 6 years old.

I was born in Eastern Alberta which is a dry area and 1928 was the last good crop and the last year my dad used the 1908 Case 25-75 engine and 36-58 thresher. However in 1938 I used it again, burning straw for a few days threshing. We moved to Olds, Alberta that year which was a far better farming area located 50 miles north of Calgary.