| November/December 1987

I know it isn't possible but let's face it is a reality This is the Nov/ Dec. issue where, oh where does the time fly?? It's still hot out and here we are talking less than three' months 'til Christmas Eve. We go through this every year only thing is, the years go faster and faster.

I'm sure you folks have enjoyed 1987 and please keep the letters and pictures coming to make up a greater year in 1988. Seems you folks are all enjoying the IMA still, but if there is anything else we can do to please or to better our publication, please let us know!

I must tell you of one of our not so good experiences my hubby and I do not do much traveling, and this summer, a couple of friends we know and love wanted us to go with them. 'Oh come go along, we'll come back in four or five days.' (Famous last words!) Well, we started out on a Saturday morning about seven. They wanted to head for Canada and the Thousand Islands and whereabouts. We started, everything went fine, and about three o'clock that afternoon up around Waterbury, New York, we started looking for motels. Well, we didn't have much success, but thought it was early enough we would just keep going until we found a place to rest our weary bodies. Well, as the story goes we went up and crossed over into Canada went 60 miles up into Canada and back down and on down into New York and at 12:30 that night we still had not found any place. We were in Binghamton and went into a doughnut shop and I told the girl she wouldn't believe our story. I proceeded to tell her and she said, 'Oh, yes, it's always that way up here if you don't have a reservation made ahead of time.'

Well, her baker told us we might be able to find room at the Sheraton in town as it was not yet completed. Luckily, we did. They are not yet finished building, had a couple more floors to finish and the swimming pools and etc. Needless to say, we came on home the next day. We were gone 32 hours and 800 miles. My hubby was so glad to get home as he has recently contracted arthritis of the knee and leg, and we were in and out of a two-door car stopping at every motel. But we weren't the only one sever where you could see cars filled with folks looking for a place to stay. Enough said and on to the letters!

We hear from CARL M. LATHROP, 108 Garfield Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940and appreciate his contributions: 'This has been a very busy summer for me, in fact, I'm just now getting around to finish my reading of the July/Aug. IMA. This was a very good issue. I particularly liked Steve Davis' The Steam Engines of New York. He had compiled a goodly list of manufacturers that made the state their home base. There is, however, one that could possibly be added to the list, and perhaps he had it in mind. Here is the reasoning:

'Le Grand Skinner founded the Skinner Engine Company in 1868 in the town of Herkimer. The business underwent a very rapid growth and by 1873 had outgrown its facilities and moved to its present location in Erie, Pennsylvania, where they continue to manufacture steam engines today.