| November/December 1987

Perhaps some of you may be able to help S. M. WOODBINE, Bracken Lea, 76 Sutton Spring Wood, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S55 5XFTel Chesterfield 850480. 'We are an engineering firm specializing in the repair and renovation of steam engines. We have in our yard at the moment a Rumely Tandem Compound engine, serial no. 14291 which has come to us to be re-boxed. Unfortunately we do not have the original firebox and have no idea how the crown was shaped. As we like to restore engines as near to the original as possible this is causing us quite a problem.

'We would be very grateful, if through your magazine, you could find someone who knows anything about this make of engine which would be useful to us, or, maybe you could put us in touch with someone who has a drawing we could purchase. Failing that, maybe you have contacts in England who could help us...

'We have an old copy of your magazine dated July/August 1985 in which there is an article entitled Where Are The Engines? We are enclosing photographs which we hope will be of interest to you.'

'I enjoy your column very much and read it every issue of IMA,' says JOE B. DILL, Route 1 Box 26, Lascassas, TN 37085; 'I was born in 1882 and saw some old steam equipment pulling road graders and heavy tools at road work in 1930s.

'I enjoyed the article on the water to boiler injector, however I still haven't figured it out for certain. I attended the Tennessee-Kentucky Threshermen's Show at Adams, TN July 17 and noted the engineers operating the valves on injectors to fill the boiler with water and all worked to perfection.

I have a question I would like to get answered from someone acquainted with push binders or headers where the horses are behind the binder. I have never seen anything but a picture of a push binder and all pictures are of the rear of binder.