| November/December 1990

Just seems like it can't be, but it surely is we're heading to the Christmas time of the year again. And I'm sure that it is just keeping in style with this fast-paced world. Did you ever try to buy a swim suit or some warm weather clothes for a late summer fling and you go to the store and lo and behold all the winter and fall items are on display oh they look nice, but it just seems a bit much for the time of year what ever season or instance you are shopping for, go early or better yet, try and get in on the sales when you go for winter clothes and go real early, you might reap some mighty good summer sales. I'm sure you all know what I'm trying to say BUT the main thing is the Christmas season should not be dealt with just at the Christmas holidays, but all the time this is the one season we should keep in our hearts and lives all year through not just for 30 days in December. Anyhow, just have to let you know I have a good bit of Christmas shopping done and have 15 packages wrapped now don't think that is something unusual, though it is for me. But you should know our daughter, Keli, and many of you do if you think back she used to work for the Iron-Men Album and Gas Engine Magazine for a few years she is a perfectionist if there ever was one and in every detail of her life. She always has all Christmas shopping done and wrapped by September. I was always a last minute gal due to having so many things to get done and I never seem to have enough time to cover all the chores (although loving ones). Last year I got a good start but it was mayhem come Christmas time. I forgot to mark packages what was in them, and worse, ('Where could I have put them?') Not so with Keli, she is so precise she even files her cereals and canned goods on the shelves by alphabet yes, it's true! She is quite a gal, and well-loved by all. And what a wonderful mother she has three children, ages 11, 6 and 3 and none of them leave the table without saying, 'Please, may I be excused?' and 'Please' and 'Thank You' whenever needed and somehow I just don't know too many children who have those rules in this fast-paced world. Enough of my family tales and on to the tremendous letters from you folks and without them, this column would be nothing.

But first, let me relate to you a short, but true, Christmas story taken from The Guideposts Christmas Treasury book entitled: 'When Doctors Served as Theatre Ushers.'

Christmas was only a few weeks away one year when the Jewish War Veterans of New Brunswick, New Jersey, mobilized volunteers for a unique project. To further improve the already fine community spirit, members offered to replace any Christians who would ordinarily have to work on Christmas Day. The substitutes would accept no pay.

'We placed 60 persons in all,' Herman Breitk of, Jewish Post Commander, reported. 'Our volunteers were men and women from all walks of life, including doctors, dentists, nurses, tradesmen, and the like. They acted as theatre ushers, waiters and waitresses and one as an oil truck driver. We had many more standing by to serve as baby sitters, so that Christian families, who otherwise would have had to remain at home, might attend services.'

The project advanced the feeling of brotherhood in New Brunswick to a new high; it is a practical plan that almost any community can adapt.

'We plan to continue the program again this year and annually in the future,' Mr. Breitk of stated. 'It is our hope that we can serve more and more of our Christian friends each year.'