| November/December 1992

Well, Hi to all my wonderful IMA family, and a blessed holiday season coming up. I know, I can never get used to thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas at this time, but that is the way it is with publications.

I must say, I feel a little better this year, as last November/December issue I really thought that would be about the extent of my communicating with you great folks, as the material had really slowed down and the future did not look good. But praise the Lord, for right now the letters are coming in fairly well, and as long as that continues, I will continue, God willing! So, please, don't slow up now. I know there are many great pictures and stories out there yet untold, and I'm a 'waiting to get them. So, while you are still out there touring the great U.S.A., get some more interesting bits to me of what's going on all over.

I'll bet you are getting some of your Christmas shopping done at the great reunions. They do have some useful and beautiful crafts at most of these events, so get two jobs done at once.

And now on to the communications for this issue.

JAMES ELLIOTT, 19475 CR 146, New Paris, Indiana 46553 writes: 'Some 20 years ago, Margaret said, 'We should have a steam popcorn wagon when we retire.' Well, I finally have a real steam engine and a steam whistle, and the machine is not a fake. Folks will like it; they have liked it for 11 years now.

'We found our Cretors engine in 1981. It looked like it had been dropped on a gravel road and stepped on, but it looked restorable. Thanks to Ray Petersen of Grass Lake, Michigan, it is restored, better than new. He is a fine machinery man and a wonderful friend.