| November/December 1994

'HI! to all my wonderful Iron-Men Family. I've got to share a most fantastic experience I had since last writing you. My son, Donnie, had been staying with me for about six months as he was in the process of changing jobs and finally is now settled in Lafayette, Indiana. I wish it were much closer, but I'm still happy for him and have high hopes maybe he'll get back closer to home territory before too many years. He is working for Shaffer's Trucking Company may be some of you know where that is she is in the office part. WELL! Never did I imagine what was in store for me, but my daughter Dana and I flew out to see him in June. Now, when I was in high school, we had a Class Book our Senior year with data on each person, and my ambition was to be an aviatrix

Above are Anna Mae's words as they were left in her type writer the beginning of what she never knew would be her final Soot in the Flues column. Anna Mae Branyan, the beloved IMA columnist, passed away on August 11, 1994.

Although she had suffered numerous health challenges, her death was sudden and unexpected the cause was probably a massive heart attack or stroke.

Of course, Anna Mae would want us to carry on her column in the usual way, so the letters to her will follow. On page 27 you will find a tribute to her.

Our first letter comes from ERIC CAMPBELL, R.R. 3, Shawville, Quebec, Canada J0X 2Y0.

'I was pleased and very surprised to see my engine and threshing mill on the front cover of IMA magazine the last issue we received. It sure makes it all seem worthwhile and thank you!