| November/December 1997

As we prepare this issue for the printer, we are near the wind down of the threshing reunion season. Soon, engines will be housed for the winter and interest will once again move from display to maintenance and repair.

Don't forget about your friends at IMA during this time! If you find you've left some undeveloped film in your camera, think of us when you're surprised to find last summer's engine photos among the group! Write and tell us about the shows you visited and the people you met during the summer of '97.

And if you find that you have questions our other readers could answer, send them along, and give them a chance to help you! And now on to this month's letters:

ELLEN MARTIN 5085 Lincoln Highway, Gap, Pennsylvania surprised us with this very unusual tale of a Pennsylvania prom:

Old Time Splendor at a Modern Event

As a tradition at Coatesville Area High School (CASH) in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, prom night is all about how you arrive!