| November/December 1999

It's hard to believe, while we're still in the throes of heat and drought here on the east coast, that we're really working on the November/December issue. But, that's the reality of the publishing business, where we have to work ahead in order to get this beloved magazine out to you when you expect it to arrive! It's gratifying to know you look forward to hearing from us, and from all your friends who've written articles and comment, every other month.

If you've been thinking of sending something in yourself, now's the time to do it. Maybe a report on the shows you participated in this season, showing off that newly restored piece of old iron. Or a bit of interesting history about a particular company that you've learned a lot about.

Or, looking ahead for future articles, don't forget to jot down notes and take 'before' pictures before you tear into your winter restoration projects your fellow readers love to hear about these efforts from start to finish (plus it makes you look like an ace restorer when folks can see the dismal state you started from and the gleaming finished product!).

You don't have to be the great American author in order to write a story you don't even have to be the great American typist! Of course it's nice for us when we get typed stories, but really all we ask is that you try to write neatly so that we can read your handwriting. Don't worry about spelling and grammar if they aren't your strong suits we'll clean things up for you.

This is your magazine; you make it what it is. Let's hear from you!

And now, to those we have heard from this month.