| November/December 2000

As we work on the November/December issue, our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving and of course Christmas, even though engine shows are still going on as we ready the issue for the printer. It seems there is barely a break now between the club activities of the late fall and the early engine shows in the South that begin in January. We are certainly thankful for all of the letters and articles we receive, as well as the ads, which keep IMA going for its subscribers. Keep writing to us, and now that winter is approaching, this may be the time to write that long restoration article you have been putting off during the nice weather!

We are enthusiastic about a project that will start in this issue: an unpublished manuscript by Loren Bixler, which has been located and edited for our use by ROBERT RHODE. This book-length work will be serialized over sixteen issues, over two years. We are very appreciative of Dr. Rhode's pursuit of this project, and think you will find it full of interesting information. We hope you will stay with us to get the entire story!

This descriptive article comes from LEE NELSON, 7014 Sternot Road, Vesper, Wisconsin 54489-9643, who says, 'Please cancel my 'Wanted: half-size traction engine' ad. I did not find the half-size traction engine I wanted, but I did haul home a size Advance built in 1967 in Mankato, Minnesota.

'Some specifications you will find interesting: it has a stack height of 7 feet, front wheels are 28' x 8', back wheels 48' x 16', width overall is 5 feet, length overall is 13 feet, dry weight is 5,100 lb., boiler tube is 20' x 64', (21) 2' x 64' x 11 gauge tubes, 31' x 16' x 28' firebox, 150 psi, 1' Gardner governor, 12' dome, 1' pop, 84 square foot heating surface, 6'bore, 8' stroke, 30' x 8' flywheel, roller bearings.

'I'll send some photos when I get it freshened up.'

MIKE McKNIGHT, 1025 McKnight Loop, Mason, Tennessee 38049 tells us: 'Here are some pictures of my dad and me with our latest find, 20 HP Reeves engine #7981. My dad and I recently purchased this engine from Ms. Francene Eaton, of Cashion, Oklahoma, after seeing it advertised in your magazine. We had Dale Wolff, of Cushing, Oklahoma, a longtime friend of ours, ultrasound the boiler for us before we bought it. Thanks, Dale!