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This is the time of year when all you Iron-Men Album Readers are
in your glory visiting all the Reunion spots in the country. Time
again to renew friendships and to check the workings of all the
steam engines and threshermens equipment. Time again for good old
‘gab sessions’ and delicious dinners served at so many of
the Reunions by the local church or fireball folks. Time again to
notice the new steam engine fans (or might be) that have been born
since the last years Reunions. And oh yes, I often wonder how many
romances blossom at these Steam Engine Shows. After all, young love
probably looks as good on a steam engine as in some other setting,
how about it Marsha? ? I hear David Gilson (Elmer’s grandson)
also enjoyed the Montpelier Reunion. Now then, I had a letter
awhile back from J. A. Miller, Route 1, Russellville, Ky. and he
writes, ‘In the CBS Television Show Petticoat Junction, at the
end of the show, when they are giving acknowledgements and credits,
they say that the train is the courtesy of Barbara Coast, Hoyt
Hotel, Portland, Oregon. I was wondering if someone from the Oregon
area could give us a write-up about the train, as many of us would
be greatly interested. ‘That’s not a bad idea anybody out
Oregon way know anything about this??

Also an inquiry from Robert G. Schall, R. D. 2, Box 231-E,
Nazareth, Penna. Bob writes, ‘I have a small metal turning
lathe and some tools and would like to build a 2 inch scale Case or
larger model. Would like to hear from some of you readers who have
built them. Tell me what material you used and where to get the
castings and blueprints. I would also like to know about home
Foundry Work in brass and copper.’ If you can answer Bob,
I’m sure he will be glad to receive your letters.

Another inquiry from C. T. Henderson, Waukee, Iowa ‘Would
any of the readers of the ALBUM know anything of the White Thresher
Co. at Clemons Grove, Iowa? Is there still a town by that name. I
just found the name and address stamped on the grain tube of the
loader of the 36 x 60 wood framed Advance Thresher that I have.
What did this company manufacture beside this tube? I would be
interested to know more about it.’ According to my post office
book, C. T. I can tell you there is no Clemons Grove, Iowa listed,
but there is a Clemons, Iowa. Outside of that I am not much help,
so maybe someone else will write you.

And another question from H. Bath of 6 Lunt Ave. Netherton,
Liverpool 10, Lancashire, England. Mr. Bath asks, ‘How did the
round spoke driving wheels stand up doing haulage? Can you help us
on this question?

Also there is a notation to be made according to a letter from
W. E. Arnett of Haviland, Kansas. He writes us, ‘In the
May-June issue on Page 24 there is a 10 hp Stillwater. It is my
engine, No. 2723 and also on Page 57 is the same engine, showing at
Friends Bible College.’ The picture was sent in by John Maxwell
of Benton, Ohio, but we did not know who owned the engine.

Many of you folks seem interested in my family and while I
don’t like to write too much on that item, in case you
wouldn’t be interested, I thought you might like to see the
picture of the whole family and believe me it took quite a while to
get the gang together to get a family picture, for when Father
would be home from the railroad, Eddie would be away and
couldn’t get home from college and etc. so after about 4
re-scheduled appointments, we made it. Eddie is 21, Dana is 16,
Donnie is 10 and Keli is 7. AND NOW wouldn’t you know it? ?
After all those efforts to get a family picture we are now awaiting
the arrival of little ‘Me too’. So by the next issue of the
magazine there will be another little Branyan as due date is
sometime towards the end of August. Just joking about the picture
deal, we ae all very happy about our new member but it will be
awhile before we can get the clan gathered together again for
another sitting.

And in closing, there is never a right way to do a wrong thing.
The successful person is the one who went ahead and did the things
you intended to doDo unto others as if you were others. God looks
most where man looks least at the heart.

  • Published on Sep 1, 1964
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