| September/October 1973

Well, if one could go soaring into the air and take an aerial picture of North America - just imagine as you would look down - all the steam reunions you would view - and with a zoom lens you could even pick out your friends or certain engines -wouldn't that be great? Or - isn't it a shame as fast as the world is traveling - we still can't get from place to place instantly - like instant replay on T-V- Hey, now there would be really something -you could visit all the Shows! -Well, one thing we can still do is Dream and of course we have the capacity to remember all the good times we have over the months -and that coupled with dreaming can bring some pretty enjoyable moments.

Right now I'm not in too good of standing with the family - one of these radio programs that give away money IF you know the right answer called me today and I didn't know the 'garbled tune' of the 50s. (And it was really garbled and sounded worse than some of the modern representation of music -now don't get me wrong, I like some of the modern lyrics - it's just the ones I don't understand too well that I don't get all excited about.) Anyhow that was worth $100. Then they have a certain word you are supposed to know from listening constantly. We have had this word on our bulletin board, written on notes everywhere (by Father who was sure they would call). I never thought we'd stand a chance, but sure enough today when they called - no notes anywhere, except from a couple days ago - so we lost another $20. You know, I think all those programs make you do is feel lousy UNLESS YOU WIN. Then they always say, 'Well, too bad but maybe we'll be calling you again soon - fat chance!).

But that's my luck - they just opened a new drive-in at our bank recently and its been open several weeks now and I go driving down and very sedately put my business papers into the cylinder that goes whooshing underground to the smiling tellers - only mine didn't - it got STUCK - the smiling teller came out and borrowed my pen to pry open the door to chamber, when that didn't work, borrowed a screw driver from nearby customer -finally got it working but where it didn't count I WAS FIRST - it didn't happen before to any other customer - see, that's me - really Distinctive.

I'm not bitter about any of the aforementioned - just thought you'd like to know even thought you might get a chuckle out of it. Now, I must get on with more important things as the letters from our Iron-Men Family.

W. MONCUR, Administrator of Manitoba Agricultural Museum, Inc. Box 10, Austin, Manitoba, Canada asks: 'Could you give us any information on when the U. S. Standard 13 thread bolt came into being - we are trying to fix an approximate age on one of the implements in our museum and knowing the date when the Standard changed from 12 to 13 would help considerably.' - (Surely, someone must know the answer to this - but it's not for me to answer).

C. E. CODE, Dundas, Minnesota 55019 pens this note: 'I've taken the Iron-Men Album for years and like it very much, but there is one thing I've missed. Where is the separator with Wing Feeder? I never saw a picture of one in the magazine.